Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I can rest a little easier now

So I was pretty worried about a couple of classes this semester. Thist was, by FAR, my worst semester since coming back to school. I had a heavy course load, lots of performances, and it seemed like one thing after another kept popping up in my life to hinder my academic performance this semester. I was pretty sure that I was going to get the first non-passing grade I've had in 13 years. However, I squeaked by with a C. Any other semester, I would have hanged myself for such an atrocious grade. But this semester, I'll take it. On a side note, I managed to get an A in World Regional Geography, a class I attended maybe 20% of the time. I like classes like that. =)


  1. you need to update your blog. Suckah.

  2. Random Guy - Hows the new sousaphone a going???

  3. How has the raiding been? many items of mighty magical power???