Monday, May 30, 2011

Makin' do with nothin' -- The Anniversary Edition

So, today (errr, I guess it's "yesterday," now) is (was) my 15th wedding anniversary. Yep, a girl voluntarily stuck by me for that long. Yeah, I'm amazed, too! Anyway, we're pretty broke right now, as usual. But we still had a pretty friggin' enjoyable day!

Sleeping in late together - $0

Splitting a Subway $5 footlong for lunch - $6 (with tax, rounded up)

X-Large convenience store fountain drink x 2 - $3

Watching tons of streaming stuff together on Netflix - about $.20 (Netflix streaming = $7.99/month divided by 30 days, divided by 2 since we didn't quite watch half a day's worth, plus Xbox Live gold membership divided by the same)

Taking a walk with the dog on a gorgeous, sunny day - $0

Watching a Netflix DVD movie together - about $.34(adding 1 DVD out at a time to Netflix is $2 more/month, and we usually watch about 6 per month)

Little Caesar's large deep dish pizza with our favorite toppings - $11

Carton of our favorite ice cream to share - $3

Total cost of one really nice anniversary - $23.54

Not too shabby!

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