Tuesday, May 31, 2011

/rant on

As I sit here surfing the web after returning from my morning constitutional, I am reminded of something that I discovered quite a while ago at which I am outraged. Consider this a PSA:

Everyone knows what Splenda is, right (I'm speaking specifically about the powdered, sugar-substitute version)? (Everyone shouts, "Yeah, it's sucralose, and it doesn't have any calories!"). WRONG! Well, partly. I'll explain.

Splenda is, of course, an artificial sweetener. It DOES contain a tiny amount sucralose, which is a non-caloric super-sweetener. However, Splenda is made almost ENTIRELY (95%) of dextrose and maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is found in soooooooo many "sugar free" products. The problem, though, is that maltodextrin has nearly the same blood glucose-raising effect as does real sugar. And, of course, dextrose basically IS real sugar.

Ok, so for those who are just counting calories, this isn't that big a concern. HOWEVER, for those of us who need to watch our blood glucose levels, and who use Splenda as a sugar substitute TO AVOID RAISING BLOOD GLUCOSE, it's a pretty big deal!

So I'm pretty pissed off at the Splenda people. However, I'm even MORE pissed off at the folks who make the off-brand Splenda clones. The stuff in those bags is identical to Splenda, but get this: Those people have the BALLS to label their product "SUCRALOSE." I really don't see how they can get away with calling a product by the name of an ingredient of which it only contains 5%!

/rant off

Have a great day!

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